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Project Pixie was created to give homeless and low-income women direct access to feminine care and hygiene essentials that promote cleanliness and well-being.

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We sincerely appreciate your desire to join Project Pixie in performing our humanitarian work. We’re thrilled to have you onboard. We can’t do it alone. Your commitment not only means helping others within your community; it means helping others across the world by joining the millions of volunteers worldwide that make up the global Project Pixie network.

Group and Corporate Volunteerism
Project Pixie welcomes groups of all sizes to volunteer and support the services we provide our local communities. Religious groups, civic clubs, organizations and businesses alike can mobilize their members and employees to demonstrate their commitment to disaster response, preparedness education and community resiliency to inform, educate and save lives.

We offer flexible options for highly engaged groups and their interests. If your organization or corporation already partners with the Red Cross, please speak with your Project Pixie relationship manager about your volunteerism needs. If you’re new to the Red Cross and would like to know how to get your group involved, please contact your local chapter to learn of opportunities.

There are many ways your group can lend their time and skills to Project Pixie*:

Disaster Response
Receive training in many areas of Red Cross Disaster Services, including community disaster education, mass care and sheltering. Groups interested in formal training can consider Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC), a corporate volunteer program that taps the human resources of corporate America. The American Red Cross trains employees from partnering corporations and organizations and mobilizes them as a community-based volunteer force when disaster strikes.

Groups can also support the community in times of disaster by providing their facilities. Your local Red Cross chapter can review opportunities for your organization to assist with shelter or warehouse needs.

Youth Programs. Youth groups and schools can engage their members by supporting Project Pixie services or starting a Project Pixie Youth Club. These opportunities allow youth to support our mission by volunteering with outreach initiatives or fundraising efforts.

Service to the Armed Forces
Groups can work with members of the military, veterans and families in military and VA health care facilities providing recreational and therapeutic services and supporting special events.

Educate Your Group and Help Us Stay Organized
Ask us about educational forums or speakers bureau opportunities for your organization or business to learn more about Project Pixie history, services and programs. Or ask about ways to help keep us organized by gathering your group to volunteer for a mass mailing project, donation pick-ups, or helping us manage and maintain Pixie Packages for outreach initiatives.

International Services
Volunteers can become instructors and educate others on International Humanitarian Law and groups can help support the Measles & Rubella Initiative.
*Not all opportunities are available nationwide. Please contact your local chapter to learn about locally available opportunities.

Mobilizing the Power of Youth
When you’re a Project Pixie volunteer you’re part of the world’s largest humanitarian organization. You can experience the personal and professional benefits of channeling your energy to help improve the lives of people in your community and around the world. We have multiple volunteer opportunities across the U.S. to engage a new generation of young humanitarians.

There are many areas in which you can lend your time and skills to Project Pixie.

Pixie Partner Ambassador Clubs
Put your talent, skills and passion to work by participating in one of hundreds of Project Pixie Ambassador Clubs. Through college clubs, high school clubs and clubs at the elementary- and middle-school levels, you will have scores of opportunities to serve your community, connect with other humanitarians and build life-long friendships.
Find a Red Cross Club today. If there isn’t a Club in your school or community then click here to learn how to start a Red Cross Club.

Leadership Development
Serve as a member of a local youth council or board. Attend a leadership development camp. Participate in a regional or national-level advisory or policymaking group, including the National Youth Council or National Young Professionals Council that promote youth and young adult involvement throughout the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross depends on public support to help people in need. Raise money to provide soap and toothbrushes for homeless vets , teddy bears for children whose homes have been lost to a disaster, vaccinations to rid the world of measles, and more.


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